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I am probably going overboard on these macros.

Long story short:

~Born to a family that lived in a tomb, guarding secrets and magical artifacts for a Pharaoh destined to return. Guaranteed to have little to no contact to the outside world. Mother died giving birth to her, siblings meant well but enabled, father was a wholly unpleasant fellow
~Grew up feeling unwanted, having been born a girl instead of son and heir of the family
~Tricked father into naming her temporary heir instead of her older sister (lied and claimed sister had broken clan rules), but regretted this when she realized becoming the heir involved getting her back carved open for a ritual
~Developed, as a result of the ritual, a sadomasochistic alter ego (sealed by her elder adoptive brother's loyalty to her), a conviction that truth doesn't matter, and a fear of knives/being cut or "marred" in any way
~Longed to see the outside world after becoming heir, since it was now technically barred to her. Convinced said siblings to give her a day outside. Developed motorcycle/freedom/Western civilization fixation
~Came home to discover father torturing elder brother, perhaps to death. Alter ego broke loose, stole magic artifact, killed father and skinned ritual scarring off his back
~Regained senses with no idea what happened, is misled into believing spirit of the Pharaoh (who she already resented) was responsible. Ran away from home with (grievously wounded) elder brother, taking stolen artifact - the Millennium Rod - with her
~Drifted, along with brother, in search of "God Cards" that Pharaoh will need to reclaim his lost memories. Heard rumors they'd been spotted in the Underground
~Sent brother into Underground as a duelist while improving her skills with Rod's mind control powers
~Attended one of brother's duels and panicked when he nearly died (again). Rodded every person of import in the room, pouring handfuls of lives of crime into her head as prime examples of lives above ground
~Determines life above ground = life below it, and becomes determined to work the system
~Rises quickly thanks to Rod as successful promoter. Becomes enamored with showmanship angle of the profession, and develops extremely expensive tastes in absolutely everything. Because Rod requires personal contact, flirts with her marks
~Encounters another Item bearer working as a heel. Recruits her after making deal with the Spirit in said Item
~Vessel for said Item is a girl of unexpected, if grumpy, charms

Complexity of feelings and details of anecdotes to be fleshed out/revealed through playing. However, she's particularly sensitive about the following issues:

~Perfectionism. Not only in the usual Marlick ways, but particularly in her physical appearance. She shouldn't even have the scars, so she especially despises them and will go out of her way to dress as sharply and cleanly as possible. (One of Lily's jobs might be to rub lotion on Luna's back, though that doesn't help anything and Luna knows it.)
~Related: knives, sharp objects, anything that can puncture skin or otherwise leave a mark. She's terrified of getting more marks on her body and finds anyone who tattoos/physically marks their duelists absolutely disgusting. This also makes her a neat freak.
~Lies. Her life is built on them so she has a complex about how lying is the only way to get ahead in the world, which makes her resent that there isn't anything fully true in the world.
~Saving people. Her particular "schtick" is convincing people that she has the power to save them, that she'll take on their pain - and she does try to keep her duelists brainwashedly happy to be with her, since it feeds her ego to feel like she's improved someone's life (instead of made it worse like she made herself and Isis's). Don't expect philanthropy, though. Luna does everything for Luna.
~Her promoter handle is "Miss Ishtar", and she (and her username) play on the duality of the goddess Ishtar as ruling over both sex and war. To prospective duelists/the average man she offers business cards that list her as the owner of "Second Chance Dueling", but those in the know get cards that claim her group is called the "Ghouls". (The phone numbers are different, but both route to her cell phone all the same.)
~Like Blue, she's a conspicuous consumer and won't accept anything less than the absolute best of everything. She's picky about her top duelists, she's picky about her suits, she's picky about her food, and it's hell trying to prepare coffee for her. But she can also be very charming.....and she's hiring.


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