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Your name is MARICA ISHTAR. You market yourself as an EXPERIENCED MANAGER for DOWN-AND-OUT DUELISTS, hoping to secure yourself a firm position in the INSPIRATIONAL TRAINER of PLUCKY YET PERSECUTED YOUNG FEMALES niche. Unfortunately, you attach electrode-based TORTURE DEVICES to each of their appendages before pitting them against a variety of COLOR-CODED OPPONENTS on a nightly basis. Which is to say, you're pretty much a collectible-card-game pimp. Sucks to be you!

You have a variety of INTERESTS, including a secret penchant for MOTORCYCLE RIDING. In addition to your collection of VULNERABLE YOUNG LADIES, which really goes to show you never grew out of playing with dolls, just developed into kind of an asshole, you operate a secret criminal network known as the GHOULS. You sometimes send these gentlemen into the ring as well. Everyone has an important job to do.

Your other passions include INTERIOR DECORATING, the consumption of RIDICULOUSLY COMPLICATED BEVERAGES with SILLY NAMES, controlling the minds of others with your MAGICAL ANCIENT METALLIC ACCESSORY, and CRITIQUING OTHER PEOPLE'S CLOTHING. Three-quarter sleeves in particular meet with your condescending wrath. Why would anyone even conceive of such an idea? It is a travesty.

Your Underground handle is Miss Ishtar and you address others in an almost patronizingly graceful manner.

What will you do?

[[Comment with commands and I'll move Luna through the story!]]
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